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Acharya Prafulla Chandra Roy Government College, Himachal Bihar, Matigara, Siliguri-734010, West Bengal, India

Students' Corner


The college facilitated with active anti-ragging committee and squad to address any student complaints related to ragging. Posters on “anti-ragging” are pasted in different places of the campus to make the students aware against ragging. The committee also assures that all the students submit anti-ragging declaration during their admission at the college.  Anti-ragging squad has successfully maintained zero ragging cases till date in the college.  This allows the students to pursue their higher education with free mind and maintains a healthy atmosphere of education.

Committee Members:

  1. Mr Hablu Barman (Convenor)
  2. Dr Tabesum Begam (Jt. Convenor)
  3. Ms Kheyali Halder
  4. Dr Rakhi Chakraborty

Equal opportunity cell:

Equal opportunity cell is meant for providing the basic opportunities equally to all the students belonging to different community, caste, religion, region and above all the gender. Principles of equality and human rights are the basis for setting the guidelines and performing the activities of this cell. Our college has set up this cell to promote the equality among students and eliminate the discrimination between them, sothat no students get deprived of their basic rights and opportunities. This will create harmonies in chalking out the action plans as a part of an inclusive educational atmosphere within the college premises.

Committee Members:

  1. Dr Jayanti Saha (Convenor)
  2. Dr Tabesum Begam (Jt. Convenor)
  3. Mr Soumya Mukherjee


Female students are welcomed to address their problems to the existing Women Harassment Redressal Cell-TISTA. The Cell helps female students feel at ease in a new environment while sustaining the healthy atmosphere in the campus. At the very onset of each academic session, newly-admitted girl students are sensitized about the active role of the Cell and apprised of the modalities of registering a complaint with TISTA or seeking its aid vis-à-vis any unpleasant experience they might have suffered within the college premises. Complaints with proper documentation/proof can be lodged in the complaint box or via e-mail. The complaints received are treated with utmost care and both the parties are given an unbiased hearing before a judicious decision is reached.

Committee Members:

  1. Dr Debjani Sarkar (Convenor)
  2. Dr Tabesum Begam (Jt. Convenor)
  3. Mrs Nina Singh Roy
  4. Mrs Smriti Singh


Kanyashree scholarship is a girl student empowerment program initiated by the Government of West Bengal and recognized by the UNESCO. Our college A.P.C.Roy Government College has taken active initiative in implementing this scholarship since its introduction. Each year we help students from various departments to access Kanyashree scholarships. As this year(2023) was the 10th anniversary of Kanyashree scholarship, our college celebrated it on 14th August. The students organised a
rally and cultural activities to mark this event.


Committee Members:

  1. Mrs Nina Singh Roy (Convenor)
  2. Mr Salman Sahid (Jt. Convenor)
  3. Mrs Kriti Sudha Baraily
  4. Dr Jayanti Saha

Mental Health & Counselling:

College life is often intimidating to some students. We, the members, play the role of academic guides and also mental counsellors to help them to adjust to changing realities. We are not qualified professional counsellors but we substitute counsellors in day-to-day college activities. We gauge for any sign of change in their attitude, behaviour or performance which can be linked to mental health.

We also interact with students to understand their domestic environment which help us to assess their condition, and also plan individual strategies for helping them overcome any challenges they are facing. Information available with one faculty is shared with others so that help and support are available from everyone.

We work with the avowed idea that a fit body, steady mind and controlled emotions shall help students in excelling academically and be prepared for a good professional life.


Committee Members:

  1. Mrs Swapna Chhetri (Convenor)
  2. Mr Ayan Biswas (Jt. Convenor)
  3. Dr Jana Chakrabarty
  4. Dr Rakhi Chakraborty
  5. Dr Aniruddha Pal
  6. Dr Sudip Bandyopadhyay

Career Counselling:

The career counselling and placement cell focuses on guiding the students to set their career goals and helps them to exercise the specific strategies that should be adopted to accomplish their goals. The sub-committee acts by organizing awareness generation programmes on the prospects of career opportunities in different government and non-government sectors, throughout the academic session. Detailed discussion regarding the modalities of several competitive examinations followed by question-answer sessions gives the students an overall idea about their future career options after graduation and inspires them to explore their potential. This also helps in securing the communication skills, professional knowledge, ethics, and work culture of a particular career avenue.


Committee Members:

  1. Dr Rakhi Chakraborty (Convenor)
  2. Mr Hablu Barman (Jt. Convenor)
  3. Mr Akash Chowdhury
  4. Dr Koustuv Roy
  5. Mr Soumya Mukherjee


Various State Govt. scholarships (e.g. SVMCM, OASIS, AIKYASHREE etc.) and central govt. scholarship (e.g. INSPIRE) schemes are aware among the students in an efficient way. The “Scholarship and record keeping” sub-committee of the college takes care the flawless process of students’ receiving the scholarship amount in due course of time. In the last academic year (2022-2023), almost 46% of students were benefited by the scholarship amount from different govt. schemes.


Committee Members:

  1. Dr Koustuv Roy (Convenor)
  2. Ms Kheyali Halder (Jt. Convenor)
  3. Dr Debjani Sarkar
  4. Mr Ayan Biswas
  5. Dr Jayanti Saha
  6. Dr Md Hamidur Rahaman