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Acharya Prafulla Chandra Roy Government College, Himachal Bihar, Matigara, Siliguri-734010, West Bengal, India

Institutional Development Plan


Five Year Institutional Development Plan (IDP) of A.P.C. Roy Government College


The five-year institutional development plan can be categorized as given below:


  1. Short -term Category:
  • The first one and a half year of the five-year plan will be utilized to fulfill the plan of the short-term category.
  • The college will dedicatedly begin its function as Hub college and encourage peer learning and mentorship strategies through Cluster Approach consisting of Schools and Higher Education Institutions.
  • Both horizontal and vertical collaboration with more spoke schools and colleges are being planned and will be executed.
  • More community knowledge and awareness programmes in society can be organized by involving local experts from the community.
  • Library complete automation by using RFID is on our anvil for quick and efficient circulation operations.
  • Offering of more subjects as Honours in History, Geography and Hindi is another target and communication has already been initiated.
  • Installing and using a Gym for maintaining good mental health in a healthy body will be more essential in this present hectic way of life.
  • Cleanliness is Godliness; hence beautification of our college plus impoverished garbage management becomes our priority.


  1. Mid-term Category:
  2. The second one and a half year of the five-year plan will be utilized to fulfill the plan of the mid-term category.
  • Increase in the number of MDC course subjects to provide more holistic and flexible learning.
  • Faculty exchange as hub. Different memorandum of understanding between more colleges and institutions can be initiated.
  • Giving students internship opportunities as required per FYUGP curriculum for career exploration and development and to learn new skills. Students learn to apply their theoretical knowledge in a real-world scenario.
  • The offices of the B.D.O., BNCCI, S.J.D.A, Gram Panchayat, Mahakuma Parishad, Food Processing and distillation factories, Tea Industry can be visited for comprehensive understanding of their functioning.


  1. Long-term Category:
  • The last two years of the five-year plan will be utilized to fulfill the plan of the long-term category.
  • Planning and execution of constructing infrastructural facility of the college which includes the final phase of building the new fourth floor.
  • The proposal and planning of lift facility for the college.
  • It is imperative that an alternate and renewable source of energy is utilized to fulfill the energy requirement of the college. Solar energy is a natural resource which can be tapped by solar paneling.
  • Providing safe and hygienic accommodation and food for students by making plans and provisions of constructing hostels for girls and boys.
  • Playground is essential for our over-energetic students, if this could be made available, the students could utilize their energy in activities that interest them. They would be less obsessed with their laptops and phones. 
  • Research and entrepreneurship provisions for 4th year students as per FYUGP curriculum.
  • Cleaning of local rivers and maintenance by making the locals aware of the importance of rivers.
  • Many faculty members come to serve college from far away, hence constructing a Quarter near the college will make their job easier and will prove to be beneficial.