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Acharya Prafulla Chandra Roy Government College, Himachal Bihar, Matigara, Siliguri-734010, West Bengal, India

Institutional Perspective Plan



Perspective Plan


Short term plan 1. Supporting overall academic success of students including Enrolment, Retention, timely completion of the Graduation courses.


Activity-I: Timely conduct of Classes for complete coverage of Syllabus.

Presently some department syllabus is not covered due to shortage of facilities & faculties.


Improvement Plan

  • Numbers of Class rooms to be increased in view of new education policy under IDP
  • Guest faculties will be engaged in subjects having less numbers of teachers.
  • Digitalization of all classrooms
  • Preparation of digital study materials as per syllabus
  • Availability of digital course material developed in the college website

Activity-II: Monitoring of weak & back paper students

Presently very few Remedial Classes for students.


Improvement Plan

  • Remedial and Bridge courses will be started to help the weak students.
  • Teachers will be assigned additional classes according to the level of students.
  • Remedial and Bridge classes shall be allotted in the Time Table.

Activity-III: Access to central library & ICT

Presently there are insufficient computers for Training & Library is not fully equipped.


Improvement plan


  • Establishment of Computer laboratory with sufficient nos. of Computers has been proposed to the Government for funds.
  • Students will be exposed to IT skills in groups.
  • The present Barcoded digital Library will be converted to RFID based.
  • Teachers and students will be provided with e-sources through INFLIBNET & KINDLE
  • Sufficient computers will be dedicated for E-learning
  • Library shall be kept open for the students from11.00 am to 4.00 pm


Short term plan 2. Monitoring the students and faculty for effective learning outcomes.


Activity-I:  To create mechanism for monitoring of students and staff for effective learning.


Improvement Plan

  • Internal and external monitoring mechanism would be developed to collect regular feedback from the teachers and students to improve the teaching-learning environment
  • Parents would be given feedback on the progress of their wards from time to time and parents would be involved in decision-making in regard to initiatives to be undertaken to benefit the students.



Long term plan 1. Improving the faculty competency in terms of academic proficiency, communication skills, administrative efficiency, and professional skills.


Activity-I: To conduct academic, Administrative and Professional training for faculty

Presently few trainings are imparted by the College due to shortage of funds.


Improvement Plan

  • Academic and administrative training shall be arranged at repeated intervals.
  • Training shall be arranged for the secretarial staff for office management, accountancy and computer skills.
  • Teachers shall be encouraged to cover refresher/Orientation courses.
  • In house training will be organize for staff members for better Governance and smooth functioning of the College.
  • Subject-wise seminars and workshops shall be organized for academic discussions.
  • All classes will be digitalised.
  • Teachers and staff shall be exposed to the latest computer skills and technologies to utilize E-Sources


Long term plan 2. Increasing the retention rate of vulnerable groups such as ST/SC, women students through various affirmative interventions including formal, informal support such as mentoring, peer support and motivation etc.


Activity-I: To provide value-based support to SC/ST students & Self-Defence training to women Students.


Improvement Plan

  • More mentor will be appointed to monitor the problem of such students.
  • Senior teachers and skilled persons shall be invited to give life-skill training and boost of their morale.


Long term plan 3. Creating multiple channels for improving communication with key stakeholder such as Parents, Alumni, local leaders & industry etc.


Activity-I: To develop inter personal relationship with stake Holder such as Parents Alumni, local Body, Senior Citizen & industry etc.

Presently few PTM activities were carried out.


Improvement Plan

  • A Special Cell to be created in touch with Parents, Alumni etc.
  • Parent and Alumni shall be invited from time to time to share their experiences and motivate the students.
  • Local leaders would be invited to offer valuable suggestion.
  • Formal tie-up shall be made with the local industries


Long term plan 4. Improving the Employment /Placement opportunities for students after graduation


Activity-I: To create employment opportunities for students

Presently there is limited facility for the students.


Improvement Plan

  • Career Counselling cell will be more active and made operational.
  • Workshops and Conferences shall be arranged more in number
  • Focus shall be laid on the development of communication skills and spoken English to enhance their employability
  • Institution-Industry partnerships shall be undertaken to absorb the successful alumni in the industries.
  • Skill enhancement Course will be provided to the students (SC/ST and girls) each year during the project period for better employability.
  • ICT education shall be encouraged to develop their computer skill.
  • Steps will be taken to ensure that all eligible students get their scholarships in time and monitor the extension of equal opportunities to all.


Long term plan 5. Promoting self-employment /entrepreneurial skills among aspiring students.


Activity-I: To initiate measures for Self –employment/development of entrepreneurial skills.

Presently few trainings were conducted.


Improvement Plan

  • Job oriented training will be provided to motivate students.
  • Training shall be imparted time to time through industrial experts or skilled Master trainer.
  • Linkage (MOUs) will be established with the recruiting agencies for campus selection.