Helpline No.

Acharya Prafulla Chandra Roy Government College, Himachal Bihar, Matigara, Siliguri-734010, West Bengal, India


Various State Govt. scholarships (e.g. SVMCM, OASIS, AIKYASHREE etc.) and central govt. scholarship (e.g. INSPIRE) schemes are aware among the students in an efficient way. The “Scholarship and record keeping” sub-committee of the college takes care the flawless process of students’ receiving the scholarship amount in due course of time. In the last academic year (2022-2023), almost 46% of students were benefited by the scholarship amount from different govt. schemes.


Committee Members:

  1. Dr Koustuv Roy (Convenor)
  2. Ms Kheyali Halder (Jt. Convenor)
  3. Dr Debjani Sarkar
  4. Mr Ayan Biswas
  5. Dr Jayanti Saha
  6. Dr Md Hamidur Rahaman